Zoom Virtual Fitness

All Ages
In response to stay at home orders and school closures, we have launched our very own fitness, karate or tumbling classes through Zoom! These 30 minute online classes are a great way to keep kids active and connected to other kids while learning from home!! Email us for schedule, class fee and links to classes!

Jumpin' Gymnastics

3 1/2 - 6 YEARS
Jumpin' Gymnastics focuses on building a strong foundation in gymnastics. Students will learn handstands, cartwheels, and various floor tumbling skills. Vaulting and balance beam skills are also introduced. Emphasis on strength building, flexibility and correct form is presented thru fun drills and exciting games. Our preschoolers have a great time while developing focus, self reliance and self-esteem. Following directions, taking turns and learning to interact with others are a few of the social skills our gymnasts develop while having a blast!

Tiny Tumbling

2 - 3 1/2 YEARS
Tiny Tumbling introduces young children to the fundamentals of gymnastics. Basic tumbling and balancing skills are designed to improve gross motor skills and body awareness. Our exciting curriculum keeps young minds engaged while reinforcing colors, shape and number recognition. We encourage students to explore and challenge themselves in a fun, positive environment. This a fun opportunity to develop physically, cognitively, and socially!

Mighty Movers

18 - 24 MONTHS
We've designed the program especially for toddlers on the move!! Music, mats, and games help us motivate early walkers to try new activities. Our colorful props keep our tots engaged and allow opportunities to improve their basic locomotor skills and manipulative skills. This class offers our tiniest tots a chance to socialize with their peers while having fun and exercising!

Kickin' Karate

3 - 6 YEARS
"Kickin' It" in our Kickin' Karate program provides students with life long benefits! Karate is about self-discipline and helps build self confidence. Our curriculum is structured specifically for the pre-school age child. Stances, our "Star-Form", mirror imaging self defense, punches, blocks and a variety of kicks are introduced. Fighting is discouraged, while healthy eating habits and staying fit are emphasized. Our fun and exciting games keep our "karate kids" excited, engaged and motivated!

Super Sports

3 - 6 YEARS
Our Super Sports program introduces preschoolers to a variety of traditional sports. Our small(er) scale sports equipment and age appropriate drills are designed to help build self control, body awareness, and self confidence. Along with an introduction to each sport, kids will gain strength, stamina and work on important social skills like turn taking and teamwork.

Sports include: football, soccer, kickball, basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, bowling and gymnastics.

Summer Fun Field Days

6 - 12 YEARS
Campers will enjoy summer break with our fun and exciting field days. Each week will be action packed with age appropriate, non-competitive activities designed specifically for summer camp. Each week will focus on a different theme, promoting a sense of a accomplishment and self-esteem for all participants.

Summer themes will include: water challenges, awesome relays, team challenges, large and small group activities, creative obstacle courses, station activities and much more. Don’t miss the fun and don’t forget your water bottle!
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