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Here’s the Mobile Preschool Fitness Program that you’ve been looking for!

Kickin’ Flips is a preschool fitness program that comes to your school, daycare or facility to add an exciting fitness class to your students’ curriculum each week. Our program will provide a fun and exciting environment in which children will be introduced to karate, gymnastics or sports development. 

Please take a look at our enclosed brochure and browse around our exciting website to learn more about how Kickin’ Flips can offer to the children at your facility. Call us now to schedule your free Kickin’ Flips class of your choosing and watch as your students discover the excitement!


Our weekly lesson plans are structured specifically for the sport they choose incorporating teamwork, skill development and movement. Weekly handouts will be given to help reinforce skills that have been taught.
  • Teamwork – Learning to cooperate with others towards a common goal in sports, building character, friendship and important life skills
  • Skill Development – All children are provided multiple opportunities and repetitions to enhance their skills in the sport they choose.
  • Movement – Skillfully coordinated movement activities in sports development is important to mastering various tasks in each child’s life.
  • Weekly handouts – Every week each child will receive an informative handout to take home with them with an overview of what they learned in class.
Kickin’ Flips primary goal is to put forth and provide quality classes for young children in a goal oriented, non-competitive environment that makes every child feel like a winner while learning and experiencing the joy of fitness. We would love to have the opportunity to share the love of fitness with all children, so they may be able to experience the joy that sports has to offer everyone.

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